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Canadian College ItalyCanada's Top High School in Italy

Head of School

Marilena Tesoro is Canadian College Italy's Head of School. 

Throughout her impressive 35 years in education, Ms. Tesoro has held many key leadership roles. Most recently, Ms. Tesoro was the long-serving Head of School at an independent university preparatory school in Ontario.

Inspired to empower others and produce positive changes for the broader community, Ms. Tesoro became a teacher in 1984. She soon transitioned to Guidance Counsellor, then becoming Department Head of Guidance.

She was later appointed founding principal of the first alternative school in Dufferin-Peel, while also launching the first high school classrooms within a college at Sheridan College. Ms. Tesoro was also instrumental at the Ontario Ministry of Education developing and supporting the implementation of strategic policies as an Education Officer.  

Ms. Tesoro's innovative and collaborative leadership style has earned her the deep respect of her colleagues. Students love her for her compassionate commitment to empowering each and every one to reach their fullest potential.

“When students are given the chance to thrive in an environment that encourages curiosity and taking intellectual risks, they feel empowered to seize opportunities and make the most of their learning journey,” said Ms. Tesoro.

“It’s about inspiring confidence, deep inquiry, personal growth and a healthy balance through a highly personalized learning environment.”

A world traveler herself, Ms. Tesoro loves Italy, and has strong connections to the country. She is also an advocate for CCI’s philosophy of broadening one's horizons through cultural immersion.

“CCI sets bright and curious students on a course of limitless possibilities,” said Ms. Tesoro. 

“This truly sets CCI graduates apart, as they take these experiences and thinking skills with them to university and in all their future endeavors.”