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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school, what we have to offer, and most importantly, who we are and what we value.

It takes courage for parents to send a child abroad, as it does for students to choose to move away from home. Yet, like most things that are difficult initially, the hardest part is to take that first step. I firmly believe that this is one of the greatest lessons learned at CCI: that accepting challenges, and embracing novel experiences, is often reward in itself. Without fear of hyperbole, the experience offered at CCI is life-altering. As stated, our mission is:

“To provide a unique environment in which students experience a renaissance: academically, socially and culturally.”

Much of this is achieved by being immersed in Italian culture. Our students quickly learn that there is a profound difference between visiting a country, and living within it; a town that once seemed foreign, and perhaps overwhelming, becomes a second home. As Headmaster, I know this is true for students and staff alike.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in 2004. Soon after, I spent time traveling within Canada and eventually Europe. It was a trip to Italy that ultimately set me on the path toward CCI. After receiving my Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, I began my career in the private system and I was promoted to Department Head during my second year of teaching.

In 2009 I had the wonderful opportunity to join the CCI staff where I taught Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Witnessing the profound impact this school has on young people, I realized that CCI truly is the Renaissance School. In 2011 I took on the role of Vice Principal for CCI’s summer programme, and in 2012, accepted the position of Summer School Principal.

I continue to look forward to working with a strong and dedicated staff, as we welcome you to CCI.

David Stephens