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Canadian College ItalyCanada's Top High School in Italy

Deputy Head of School

Shelly Meadows is Canadian College Italy's Deputy Head of School. 

She leads alongside founder and principal, Marisa DiCarlo D’Alessandro.

Informed by her many years of experience in life and her field, Ms. Meadows strongly believes in a holistic approach to education. This means that every strand in a young person's life must be considered as an opportunity to learn, develop, and prepare for adulthood — and that the environment for learning must always be positive and supportive. 

That said, we must also push students' boundaries to help them appreciate their full potential.

She also understands that one's education is not purely academic. Learning takes place at every minute of our day. We must therefore support each student’s mindset, physical and dietary needs, while encouraging the development of the skills and passions that form the foundations for our futures. This philosophy is particularly important at CCI, where we are responsible for guiding students 24-hours a day.

Ms. Meadows encourages us to find the positive and the joy in all we do.

This is the mindset which ultimately leads to success. This philosophy is echoed in our school motto, “Perge et Valeas,” which means “Proceed, and you shall succeed."

As Deputy Head, Ms. Meadows draws on her extensive knowledge and experience, including many adventures and careers in hospitality, the British Armed Forces, IT, and finally, in education. 

Growing up in Africa, Italy, India, and the U.K., Ms. Meadows spent a good amount of time in boarding schools. Her diverse experience gives her a unique perspective on life and makes her a strong advocate for young people to travel and become immersed in other cultures.

Ms. Meadows's educational experience includes traditional British state schools, special education (behavioral & learning needs), and leading several departments. 

Most recently, Ms. Meadows spent five years at the Canadian School of Florence where she was instrumental in the school's opening and growth in her roles as Deputy Head of School and Director of Guidance.

Ms. Meadows draws immense satisfaction from supporting everyone in the school community. She is an administrator who leads by example and who thrives from witnessing the growth and development of students, staff, and the surrounding communities.

When not at school, Ms. Meadows enjoys working on the land, following the principles of permaculture. Alongside her partner, she has also created a sanctuary for rescue dogs and animals. She is also known for her passion for cooking and preserving and sharing the foods she has grown.